14 Apr Steve Shier Blog

Why the new look? Well, apparently our “Black Page” profile that was adventurous, cool and bold ten years ago, had become boring, un-cool and old hat. I have this on very good authority from a young entrepreneurial web designer who types with all  fingers, understands computer languages, knows all the coffee combinations, keeps his music on a memory stick and looks like he should still be in high school. Bet he can’t tie a bowline though!

Obviously there was no question in my mind that despite successfully helping hundreds of clients import boats of all shapes and sizes from the USA, Japan and Hong Kong for over ten years, that our young computer guru must know something I don’t.

So there you have it my boating community comrades. I have succumbed to the power of youth, or more accurately to the power of the computer whiz with the magic typing fingers and re-launched our website into the coffee shops, iPhones, tablets, laptops and cyber world of the twenty first century.

I hope you enjoy navigating your way through our super fresh, user friendly, light and airy, up to date new look web site.

We will be bringing you regular shipping and boat import information on a regular basis through this blog. Feel free to email us any interesting articles that may be of interest to the boating community.

Happy and safe boating,

Steve Shier