importAlthough there are many advantages to importing a boat, they entail the same pitfalls and dangers that exist when buying locally. However, if the process is handled correctly, the benefits of importing are huge.

These include; a wider range of makes and models to choose from; many fresh water use boats; boats that are moored under cover or dry stacked in warehouse facilities; low engine hours; liquidation and repo boats; great electronics packages; and last but not least, the price. The USA economy has been struggling for some time and this is reflected strongly in the boat market.

Buying ‘sight unseen’ can be a daunting process, and one that must be approached with caution and strict guide lines in place. As there are no warranties or refunds on used imported boats and yachts, it is imperative that you know exactly what you are buying before you proceed. This is why we recommend a full independent marine survey (inspection) on any potential purchase.

SS BOATS AUSTRALIA has a large network of fully qualified independent marine surveyors and mechanics who can do a complete in and out of water inspections, including sea trials and full engine inspections. A thorough marine survey will include a full extensive written report and a full set of clear, current pictures taken on the day. A survey will also assist with obtaining insurance here in Australia and with any potential claims.

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