Customs and Quarantine

inspectionThe team at SS Boats Australia understand the importance for correct procedure when clearing vessels upon arrival in Australia. There are many regulations which need to be adhered to. These include the correct documentation, cleaning and de-gassing as well as any required permits.

Quarantine clearance with Australian DAFF is the most advanced and strict in the world. All second-hand boats are subject to a mandatory quarantine inspection upon arrival. If a boat is not correctly prepared for shipping, AQIS may place an order on the vessel which can include steam cleaning, fumigation, vacuuming and even termite inspection. We recommend cleaning and shrink wrapping prior to shipping to help avoid additional quarantine washing and fumigation charges. However, regardless of what cleaning or treatment is done at point of origin, AQIS will always inspect your boat upon arrival.

SS Boats can assist with preparing your vessel for arrival to minimise the risk of incurring any excess and unnecessary charges upon arrival in Australia.

By preparing your vessel correctly, we ensure your boat is cleared promptly and efficiently and that your delivery passes through customs and quarantine without unnecessary delay and/or without additional storage or cleaning costs.

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