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At SS Boats Australia, we pride ourselves on keeping an extensive range of US boats for our customers to choose from on our website. Whether it’s a fishing boat with all the trimmings, a family weekender or that live aboard motor yacht you have always been dreaming of, our listings are full of possibilities or even just examples that can help to get you on the right track… importing a boat from the USA gives you such a huge range to choose from.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t find the right boat for yourself! Our best recommendation for importing into Australia is to make sure you find your US boat in the right location. Florida – in particular, West Palm Beach is your ideal choice for making shipping into Australia the most cost effective. However, if you happen to find that perfect boat somewhere else, our team at SS Boats Australia can assist you with shipping into Australia by arranging road transport and a newly built American boat trailer made to Australian specifications. We use a selection of shipping lines that can ship directly from the USA to Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Port Kembla, Sydney, New Castle and Brisbane.


Check out our new American boat listings today on our SS Boats Australia website… you are only a phone call away from having the boat you always wished for!